Design. Finance. Build. Own. Operate. Maintain.

As your trusted long-term Energy as a Service (EaaS) partner, The BE Company takes care of the entire lifecycle of your customized on-site energy infrastructure. From design and construction to ownership, operation, and maintenance, we provide comprehensive solutions to meet your specific energy needs and goals.

The Zero Capital Expenditure Model.

The adoption of a zero-CapEx financing model offers significant advantages for organizations, allowing them to allocate capital and resources to their core business activities, while still achieving long-term outcomes. These benefits include:

Predictable Operating Expenses and Guaranteed Performance: Through a long-term contract, your organization can enjoy the assurance of predictable operating expenses and the guarantee of optimal system performance. This provides stability and allows for better financial planning.

Customized Solution Managed by Energy Experts: With a zero-CapEx financing model, your organization can rely on the expertise of energy professionals who will oversee and manage a customized solution tailored to your specific needs. This eliminates the need for in-house resources and ensures that your energy infrastructure is optimized for efficiency and effectiveness.

Lower Risk Profile: By engaging with an Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) provider, your organization benefits from a reduced risk profile. The EaaS provider assumes the construction and operating risks associated with the project, providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

At The BE Company, we understand the value of preserving your resources and minimizing risks. Our zero-CapEx financing model empowers your business to achieve long-term outcomes while maintaining financial flexibility and leveraging the expertise of energy professionals.

Microgrid Technology.

Microgrids are self-contained local energy systems that incorporate diverse sources of generation, storage, and advanced automation and control. These systems are capable of operating independently from the main power grid, providing several key benefits:

Assured energy cost optimization and predictability.

Increased resilience and reliability, minimizing the impact of grid disruptions.

Expedited reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. At The BE Company, we customize microgrid solutions to match the unique requirements of each organization, ensuring that the design and construction align precisely with their specific energy needs and objectives.


Guaranteed Results. Enhanced resilience, reliability, greenhouse gas reduction, and cost stability are guaranteed outcomes.

Risk Management. The burden of designing, financing, owning, installing, and managing the energy infrastructure is transferred, reducing your exposure to associated risks.

Simplified Process. No upfront capital investment or expertise in energy transformation is required, streamlining the implementation of your sustainable energy solutions.

Enduring Partnership. Our team of energy infrastructure experts will diligently handle the design, construction, ownership, operation, and maintenance, forging a long-term partnership to support your energy needs.

Cost Predictability. You can rely on known pricing structures and protection from energy cost volatility, ensuring cost predictability for your operations.

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